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Excellence in Earth Science Education

From the very beginning, the Oklahoma Geological Foundation has implemented a model of “Excellence in Earth Science Education.”  With the help and support from the Foundation, this model challenges students and teachers to make Earth Science education a priority.  The Foundation’s “Vision for the Future” is divided into the following Directives:

  1. Encourage and financially support students who attend elementary, middle, and high schools within Oklahoma and who are enrolled in a Geological Science curriculum.
  2. Encourage and financially support teachers and schools within Oklahoma that maintain a curriculum in the Geological Sciences.
  3. Encourage and financially support students who: a) attend colleges and universities within Oklahoma and major in the Geological Sciences, with the goal of obtaining undergraduate or graduate degrees in those fields; and, b) students who plan to pursue a career in the field of Geological Sciences.
  4. Encourage and financially support worthy, scientific endeavors that are conducted by other organizations that promote the Geological Sciences within the State of Oklahoma.
  5. Acknowledge and honor those Professionals that are working in businesses affiliated with the Geological Sciences, and who have made or continue to make significant contributions to their profession and communities.

The future well-being of Earth Science education, the Geological Sciences, and the Oil and Gas Industry, will ultimately depend upon the next generation of Geoscientists, because these future professionals are today’s students.  Funds from the Oklahoma Geological Foundation’s Programs are being used to educate, train, and prepare students for the future.  The Foundation Directors are fully committed to providing the Geoscience educational needs for teachers and institutions within Oklahoma.

Featured Foundation Initiatives & Programs

Our Current Programs

The Oklahoma Geological Foundation continues to grow and by mid-2018, the Foundation has established twenty-one programs, each of which are available to encourage the participation in the Earth Sciences.  As listed below with the dates of inception, they include:

  1. The Frederick H. & Lois M. Kate Award (2006)
  2. The Suzanne Takken Memorial Award (2006)
  3. The Beth Cronin Elementary School Program (2006)
  4. Kenneth Stewart Cronin Lecture Series Program (2006)
  5. OGF Excellence in Earth Science Education Awards Program (2006)
  6. The Frederick H. & Lois M. Kate EESE Award (2006)
  7. Herbert G. & Shirley A. Davis OSU Geology Scholarship Program (2007)
  8. The John Gatchell Earth Science Teaching Program (2008)
  9. The Philip Boyle Foundation & The OGF’s School Program (2008)
  10. The Charles E. Branham Geological Library Program (2010)
  11. The OGF Summer Field Camp Grants Program (2011)
  12. Oklahoma Geological Foundation High School Grant (2011)
  13. Oklahoma Geological Foundation Middle School Grant (2011)
  14. Oklahoma Geological Foundation Elementary School Grant (2011)
  15. Lance Ruffel & OGF Innovations in Earth Science Education Program (2012)
  16. Shirley A. Davis Program for Earth Science Education (2013)
  17. F.M. Black Summer Field Camp Grant (2013)
  18. William A. Clement Earth Science for Guthrie Middle & High Schools (2014)
  19. Robert W. & Jo Ann Waring Memorial Scholarship Program (2015)
  20. The Oklahoma Geological Foundation STEM Program (2017)
  21. The Larry Lunardi and The Oklahoma Geological Foundation’s Rock, Mineral, and Fossil Collection Program (2018)

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The Oklahoma Geological Foundation strongly supports Earth Science education at all grade levels - including elementary, junior and senior high school, and at the college level.

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