More! Rocks in Your Head

An Earth Science Teacher Workshop

More Rocks in Your Head“More! Rocks in Your Head” is a full-day workshop for Earth Science education teachers.  This nationally acclaimed, hands-on short course was originally taught by Ms. Janie Schuelke for over a decade, primarily at National and Sectional conventions held by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists throughout the United States.  In the fall of 2011, the Oklahoma Geological Foundation invited Ms. Schuelke to Oklahoma City to teach the workshop to Oklahoma Earth Science teachers.  Since that time, the Foundation has continued to sponsor the workshop throughout Oklahoma.  Ms. Schuelke retired several years ago, and the course is now being instructed by Mr. Richard Opalka.  Mr. Opalka is a geologist and an Earth Science teacher at Edmond North High School.

Workshop Topics

The workshop covers a full range of Earth Science topics and educational skills for the teachers, who can then take and apply this knowledge back to their classrooms, making Earth Science a fun and memorable experience for the students. Topics covered include:

  • environmental processes
  • rock formation
  • mineral identification
  • geological landforms
  • mapping
  • fossil fuel formation
  • alternative energy sources

The workshop is funded by the Foundation and tuition is free for all teachers who attend.

Workshop Reviews from Teachers

One previous participant stated on the course evaluation form,

“I have taught for 25 years. This is the best (most informative) workshop I have ever attended. I can go back to my school and use everything.”

Another teacher wrote,

“Mr. Opalka, once again you are amazing. I can always learn something new to apply in my classroom. I look forward to another workshop in the future. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

And another attendee wrote,

“This has been one of the best workshops I have been to. The information will be used in my classroom.”

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Since 2011, over 400 Earth Science teachers throughout Oklahoma have attended the “More! Rocks in Your Head” workshop. 

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