Rock, Mineral, & Fossil Collections

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Rock, Mineral, Fossil Collection

The Larry Lunardi and Oklahoma Geological Foundation's Rock, Mineral & Fossil Collection program is designed to enhance Earth Science education by donating a permanent, on-site collection of museum quality rocks, minerals, and fossils to schools throughout Oklahoma. The collections empower teachers to bring science to life for their students with actual rocks, minerals, and fossils.


The program began in April 2015 when the Oklahoma Geological Foundation and Larry Lunardi, a volunteer instructor at several middle schools in central Oklahoma, established the program to supplement his middle school Earth science teaching model.


As of December 31, 2019, 154 collections have been distributed to Oklahoma schools. They are currently being used by hundreds of teachers and thousands of students each school year. Teachers who apply for these “Rock, Mineral, and Fossil Collections” are asked to determine how many students and teachers use the program. So far, based on the estimates given, over 75,000 students and 650 teachers have been impacted from the collections donated to Oklahoma Schools.


Volunteers from Oklahoma Geological Foundation purchase supplies to create these collections primarily at two shows each year. The total cost for one collection is between $750 and $1,000.

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