Awards Banquet

Each year, the Oklahoma Geological Foundation conducts the Annual Awards Banquet to honor and give recognition to deserving students, teachers, and educational institutions by providing Grants, Scholarships, and Awards.  From throughout Oklahoma, students, teachers, and their families are invited to attend the banquet.  This reception continues to grow each year as students and teachers are presented their respective Grants and Awards.  During this time, the recipients and their families are casually able to meet with the Foundation’s Directors and Donors along with other peers from various educational facilities. View our Events Calendar for the Upcoming Date.

Previous Winners

In 2017, The Foundation provided $135,538 in funding for Grants, Awards, and Scholarships. The following is a summary of the $102,721 funds as distributed in 2018:

  • Frederic H. and Lois M. Kate Endowment Fellowship - $6,000                                                         
  • Oklahoma Geological Foundation Graduate Fellowship - $6,000                                                 
  • Suzanne Takken Memorial Fellowship - $6,000                                                                                 
  • Herbert G. and Shirley A. Davis OSU Geology Fellowships (2 @ $2,500 each) - $5,000             
  • Frederick M. Black Field Camp Grants (3 @ $2,000 each) - $6,000                                                
  • OSU Summer Field Camp Grants (14 @ $750 each) - $10,500                                                           
  • OU Summer Field Camp Grants (25 @ $750 each) - $18,750                                                        
  • Beth Cronin Elementary School Endowment (St. Elizabeth A.S. Catholic School) - $6,785        
  • OGF Support Grant:  Rock, Mineral, & Fossil Collections - $17,000                                               
  • OGF Support Grant:  Tulsa Geoscience Center - $6,000                                                                  
  • OGF Support Grant:  More! Rocks In Your Head (Teacher Workshop) - $4,538                       
  • OGF Support Grant:  Guthrie High School - $4,760                                               
  • OGF Support Grant:  Lakeview Elementary School, Yukon - $188                                     
  • OGF Support Grant:  OSU AAPG Imperial Barrel Competition Team - $1,500                        
  • OGF Support Grant:  OU AAPG Imperial Barrel Competition Team - $1,500                              
  • OGF Support Grant:  OSU School of Geology $2,200 

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