EveryDay Earth

The Oklahoma Geological Foundation is currently developing a new educational Program called “EveryDay Earth” that is a new teaching system to assist both teachers and students in Earth Science Education and Technology concepts, by interactively exploring Oklahoma’s landscapes. The Foundation is requesting financial support from the Oklahoma Oil & Gas Industry and STEM advocates to assist in the development of the Program by becoming a Program Sponsor

About the EveryDay Earth Program 

The EveryDay Earth Program is a set of digital classroom supplements for teaching Earth Science, aimed at the 4-8th grade levels.

The initial version of the EveryDay Earth Program will be focused on specific localities based in the greater Oklahoma/Southern Plains region, with subsequent versions aimed at other geological and geographical locations. 

The EveryDay Earth Program consists of an integrated set of short, entertaining and educational videos containing interactive functionality to actively engage the student. These videos and online materials will help teacher’s tie abstract learning to concrete concepts that support national and state earth science educational standards.

The EveryDay Earth Program will include:

  • suggested curricula and learning plans
  • a website/learning management system
  • numerous videos which will link to physical rock, mineral and fossil kits, experiments which can be done at home, and opportunities for field experiences at local parks

Why “EveryDay Earth”? 

In the past, children played in the dirt, skipped rocks or otherwise interacted directly with the Earth around them. These interactions served as foundational learning experiences for kids. Today’s children are more likely to play with a computer or iPAD, even with Apps or games such as Minecraft, which simulate outdoor experiences! This compromise reduces a child’s ability to learn about their environment, and “EveryDay Earth” is an attempt to bring the best of both worlds together by combining the digital interactivity of games and fun fact delivery of videos, with physical kits and real-world experiences. 

Other problems have been observed in Earth Science Education in Oklahoma schools:

  • Teachers in Oklahoma rarely hold a degree in the Earth Sciences, so basic Earth Science and Technology concepts are inconsistently taught in many school systems.
  • Earth Science courses are provided on a sporadic and inconsistent basis, often focused on minimum requirements to meet the established standards.
  • Public school teachers lack the appropriate training and equipment to teach Earth Science and can be intimidated by the subject, which results in failing to inspire and develop a passion for the teaching of Earth Science.

Improving Earth Science Teaching for Oklahoma Schools

To effect a positive change for this situation and to create well-informed citizens, the Oklahoma Geological Foundation is creating a teaching system, the EveryDay Earth Program, to distribute to Oklahoma schools for use by teachers and students. 

How the EveryDay Earth Program Works

The EveryDay Earth Program will consist of 10 stand-alone Modules, with each Module, upon completion, being its own impactful deliverable product free of charge to sponsored schools. Development for Module 1 started in May 2017. The Foundation has committed its own funds for the initial startup costs for the EveryDay Earth Program, as well as fund the development of Module 1.

Curriculum Module 1: Turner Falls Park in Davis, Oklahoma

This initial Module, based on Turner Falls Park in Davis, Oklahoma, will contain sub-sections, each related to at least six learning standards:

  • Earth Materials (Formation of Rocks)
  • Earth Processes (Karsting, Erosion, Waterfall Formation)
  • Water Resources (Human Impacts)
  • Hydrogeology, Tectonics, and Arbuckle Mountains Earth History, Formations, Fossils and Strata (Basic Principles of Geology), and GeoEngineering. 

Additionally, a Learning Management System will be created to store the videos and content online for teachers and students to easily access the materials, with the added ability to place orders for the physical kits, will accompany the Program. These kits will be based on the existing “Rock, Mineral and Fossil Collection” program already in place by the Oklahoma Geological Foundation.

About the Program Coordinators and Creators

The Project Coordinator for the “EveryDay Earth” Program is the Oklahoma Geological Foundation, which for over a decade has provided financial and material support for teachers and students in K-12 and college level Earth Science.  The Technical Producer of “EveryDay Earth” is ESTEEM Co., which is based on existing video projects such as “Geology Kitchen” web series and “Oklahoma Rocks!”, which are being used as teaching aids in classrooms throughout Oklahoma.  This program is in part a response to the outcry from teachers asking for more materials and content in this expanded “EveryDay Earth” Program format.

Program Cost and Schedule

Module 1 (including Pilot module design/creation and vetting via focus groups; associated Learning Management System start-up, and initial set design costs) is expected to cost approximately $140,000 to $150,000 and will be completed by December 2018. The remaining nine Modules should cost approximately $100,000 to $125,000 each and should be completed over the next two to four years. Total costs for the EveryDay Earth Program is estimated to be $1,300,000. Distribution of the Modules will begin as each one is completed.

Sponsor a School's EveryDay Earth Program

Tiers of Sponsorship range from $5,000 to $500,000 with increasing levels of connectivity with existing corporate STEM efforts, and branding/marketing placements both online and in-video. Custom Sponsorships for individual schools or areas are available.

Sponsor a School


With the help of our partners in the energy industry and other STEM-focused Sponsors, Oklahoma schools and teachers will have access to this much needed educational content. Students will be able to log on to each lesson from their classroom while the teacher leads a customizable learning adventure to suit their specific lesson plans. The teacher can opt to show one video or present a suite of related videos on a larger Earth Science topic.

Request Financial Support

The Oklahoma Geological Foundation strongly supports Earth Science education at all grade levels - including elementary, junior and senior high school, and at the college level.

If you are a science teacher, educator, or student desiring financial support, please apply for our Earth Science Education Grants.

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